We're Hiring a Marketing Copywriter!

Hen House Ventures is looking to find a charismatic and productive Marketing Copywriter to join our team.

This person creates a brand voice and delivers it across all mediums, and is considered one of our most critical roles to fill. Your work will educate the public about the technology, persuade readers about the solution’s value, and engage the audience, to give the technology a fair trial. Our ideal candidate is a spirited, skilled, and imaginative writer with an eye for detail.

Common projects the copywriter would create and manage:

1.     Website material including educational material, blog articles, lead generation forms and landing pages
2.     Sales letters and scripts, emails, brochures, PowerPoint presentations
3.     Digital advertising, print advertising, banner text
4.     Demonstration scripts/ voice-overs and narration
5.     Product overview, product guides, case studies highlighting product benefits

Each project would be scoped out in advance, with audience, goal, topic and research points. Incumbent will then provide an estimate timeline and an approval process for the deliverable.


  • Bachelors degree, preferably in English, Communications, Journalism, or Marketing
  • 3 + years in marketing as a content provider, blogger, or marketing manager
  • Active contributor to social media and blogging
  • Worked for a software company or marketed software/ high tech is a plus
  • Genuinely interested in innovation, technology and entrepreneurism
  • Have published articles and can provide a writing portfolio
  • Excellent with Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • Experienced with WordPress and other content management systems
  • Experienced with search engine optimization copywriting

We are seeking to work with candidates who have these qualities

  • Are highly creative and imaginative, interested in client’s solution and why their buyer finds value within it
  • Are skilled in writing clear, concise, and grammatically correct copy
  • Understand different language styles that appeal to various target markets
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Work well within a team and with clients
  • Work under pressure, deliver on deadlines
  • Self-managed, self-motivated and well organized
  • Comfortable receiving constructive criticism
  • Be able to see and empathize with other person’s point-of-view
  • Work within strict timeframes
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Develop and maintain a clear and consistent brand voice

Position Details

This is a contract position, where the candidate would work on a designated hourly basis according to project.

About Hen House Ventures

Founded in 2012, Hen House Ventures helps startup technology companies and service providers design, hone and execute a go-to-market plan. We work with extremely innovative companies across the United States, who need a highly-qualified marketing, sales and operations team to quickly deliver results.

Clients consider us a strategic marketing firm. Others call us the doers. Our reputation for quickly launching products, companies, and programs with high success rates has granted us a strong reputation and deep appreciation amongst the startup tech sector.

Our company name is the start of our success story – Hen House Ventures incubates ideas into something great. And the secret is our focus on our client’s client – who is the most important person in business.  We help companies that are disrupting the playing field by keeping a close eye on the buyer and all of the factors that influence their decision.

Hen House Ventures has served over 20 software companies. We work in technology sectors such as CRM, eCommerce and Marketplaces, Enterprise software, Fundraising platforms, AI enterprise tools, Big Data analytics, Healthcare Rewards platforms, Robotics, and Real Estate transaction software.

Common projects that Hen House manages for our clients include fundraising pitches, market testing, product refinement, corporate communications, target audience engagement and lead lifecycle management. We manage branding, messaging, content strategy, digital branding and presence (including websites, advertising, SEO, lead generation), event management, public relations, and social media.

Becoming a Hen House Specialist

Working at Hen House Ventures couldn’t be more fun. Our programs run between 3 to 12 months with each client, allowing us the opportunity to learn about their solution nuances and deeply learn about their niche industry. All Hens get to establish connections with the clients and participate in meetings and presentations.

Based upon your skillset, interests, and availability, Hen House will assign you to a project, and will allow you to set your hours and your deliverable timeframe. We like working with self-motivated, well-organized individuals who are strong communicators.

All who join the Hen House team are trained in Marketing and Operations so you learn about new technology and approaches with every project. We have an on-boarding program so that you understand priorities, maximize your time management, and can communicate project contributions and observations.


Let us know by sending us your resume and reason why you're interested in this opportunity. Please include links to your written work.