Written by Tara Spalding

It's February. 1 out of 12 months are in the history books for 2017. Now, the startup world is focusing on programs that can be efficiently implemented to kick-start engagement, usage and sales.

Your efforts for new prospect acquisitions are probably well underway. But now is a great time to ask - what efforts are you putting toward your client or customer base?

Now is a good time to kick off customer marketing campaigns, generating high returns. And, before you know, it will be Valentines day - which is a perfect theme for your company to show that You LOVE your CUSTOMERS. 

These 4 ideas will help you show who you love. 

1. Send them a (real) Valentine Card.

Hen House just created "heart-felt" postcards for Clearly Closing which will be individually labeled and sent to each customer.

This is a great opportunity to offer a free "refresher course" on using the app - which becomes a way to engage or create an up-sell opportunity.

Direct Mail efforts go a long way, and are very affordable. You can create a direct mail campaign in 24 hours, print in 3 days, and have it delivered 5 days later (within the US). You have until the 9th to commence a direct mail project, and have it delivered on-time!

Valentines Postcard created for Clearly Closing

Valentines Postcard created for Clearly Closing


2. Send them a Virtual Valentines - with a Sweet Twist.

Creating an awareness-based email campaign is easy to do, and commonly done. But if the virtual card has something that your client would appreciate, then it's something that can get their attention and create engagement, recall, or a stronger brand affinity. 

Virtual cards (a.k.a. email campaigns) are easy to design and execute, requiring very little time. Where the efforts should be focused is on designing a "hook" that the user will desire and act upon.

e-cards can be a great way to engage your customer unexpectedly, like with a survey.

e-cards can be a great way to engage your customer unexpectedly, like with a survey.

All-to-commonly done are discounts/ sales in virtual Valentines. What breaks through the clutter are hooks that provide value to the client. Giving more value to the customer for their existing business strengthens your brand connection. Think about:

  • Communicating their activity/ usage / loyalty and that their reliance upon your product or service is important to your company. Offer an activity incentive or report as the hook.
  • Communicating the number of referrals/ recommendations they've given you and how this has helped your company succeed. Offer a reward if they invite someone today.
  • Communicating how new offerings or functionality can help them more (if they have not used it yet), and offer on-boarding as the hook.
  • Communicate what the company has received because of their contributions - and how it's benefitting a greater good/ other community. Connecting the customer to your employees or philanthropies is a powerful connection, and can hook them into immediate usage or response.

Bottom line is don't say "Happy Valentines Day, please buy something from us at a discount". Do something that shows your interest and intent on continuing doing business with them.

3. Send them a Direct Message of Appreciation.

Social channels are commonly used for inbound marketing and customer service. If your company engages with your clients and community through these channels, it's perfectly fine to send them a DM saying "We Love You."

Think cheeky Conversational Heart Candy sayings. Repost pictures of your clients and your products (if you're B2C) and give them credit and tag them. Publicly show appreciation to all that have publicly communicated to you.

4. Create a Valentines Client Montage to Temporarily Grace Your Website & Social Channels.

There's a reason why investor decks always have the NASCAR slide of customer logos. Do the same thing with your clients around Valentines Day, and use it on your inbound channel placements and website home page. 

People like being recognized, and it's a great way to show your brand strength and servitude as well. This can also tie in nicely with any of the outreach efforts noted above.

This takes just a few days to plan, create and execute.

We hope you LOVE these ideas, and want to remind you that if you are interested in putting together a Customer Valentines program, Hen House is happy to help out.


50 Custom Designed Postcards
150.00 200.00

50 5x7" 16pt Postcards designed and delivered to your customers, within the USA. Turnaround time is 7 business days before rush charges apply.

Price includes: Design work (2 revision cycles), production and distribution. 

Would require the completed recipient list from the client.

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Social Outreach Program
from 625.00

Our social outreach program delivers ready-to-go messaging designed for the platform you choose, which will promote your brand's value and create engagement and traffic to your focused content.

The value to you is that the content is optimized for impressions and engagements, and ready to be scheduled for delivery. If needed, Hen House can distribute the outreach, and provide an insight report on activity to improve future campaign performance.

Social Channel:
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Customer Montage Graphicls
300.00 500.00

Want an appealing way to display your customer base? Hen House can help you come up with a design that fits your branding and also encourages likes, shares and smiles.

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Virtual Card Design
625.00 750.00

Hen House will design a virtual card for your company to send out to your client or prospect base.

Fees include creative development (2 review cycles), design, email testing.

Turnaround time is 3 business days.

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