3 Ways to Grow Brand Visibility on Social Media

Written by Kristen Deem

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It’s not often that a Broadway actor/musician graces the cover of both Rolling Stone and Fast Company in consecutive months. But Lin-Manuel Miranda (here's his twitter page), creator of the smash hit Hamilton, is currently on both because he’s built himself into a mega-brand in the past 11 months. As unlikely as it may be for a theater performer to cross into business media, it’s even more rare for a Broadway show to recoup all $12.5M in investor seed money in less than a year.

Miranda’s lyrical genius is a large part of this success, but his masterful brand building through social media is how he’s built it into a cultural phenomenon.  A regular Twitter poster, in the past year he’s also written an op-ed in the NYTimes speaking out against automated bots inflating ticket prices, he gives glimpses into his world by sharing behind the scenes photos and videos, and he actively supports the entire Broadway community through promotion of other actors, music, and shows. He has deftly used social media to reach his audience and grow his industry at the same time. But you don’t have to be musical; business brands can steal some of his greatest hits to build their own brand visibility.

Show who you are. Miranda built a huge following on Twitter sharing video and posting behind the scenes photos. You can do the same by showing your corporate culture with behind-the-scenes video and images at events, and promoting your team at work on social responsibility efforts. This doesn’t just give a bit of personality to your brand, it acts as a passive recruitment tool as well.

Be a thought leader. One of Hamilton’s key themes is “If you stand for nothing, what do you fall for?”  Your brand is exceptional at what it does, and your clients want to know what you think. Keep it simple by retweeting top news stories with a short comment or let your leadership write a blog post on issues that matter to your company. Use social media to amplify these messages and drive followers back to your site.

Build up your world. The approach that there’s room for everyone can pay off. Promote your chosen organizations and causes, and build up your industry as a whole.

Social media should never be 100% promotional. Balance the bigger picture of your work with these simple tactics to make your messaging stand out. For more impact, get a member of the C-Suite familiar with a social tool and have them participate when they can. When you share opinions on topical matters, engage in a way that adds personality and builds value, your brand’s visibility will grow.


Article by: Kristen Deem
Director Content Strategist
Hen House

Kristen has been one of our brightest Hens at the House since 2014. She is a strong messaging strategist and content developer, and is a marketing communications wiz. Her programs have grown network reach and influence by 200% YoY. Her expertise covers the infrastructure & enterprise domains, in addition to higher education, HealthTech, VC & recruitment services.


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