Validating the messaging platform during beta? 
Emulate NASA's Cubesat strategy and ask a relevant question at the right time to your user. 

by Tara Spalding

This week, the ISS/ Japan module shot out 17 mini satellites called “Cubesats” providing earth and sun observations, improving ship tracking and weather data.

If you’re a startup, emulating what NASA is doing with Cubesats to track your new customer base and get a better understanding of needs and messaging resonation and functionality alignment would make sense. 

This is a much more productive approach than launching an "end-of-beta" window survey that does not capture the user's thoughts in the moment of using the app. It also does not burden the user with heavy time requirements and lame survey experiences.

Here’s how you launch app cubesats to validate your messaging platform according to your technology design and functionality while your app is early in development.

1.     Design a cubesat for each of the technology’s perceived value, and then ask your customer base if they have that problem, and if they want that problem resolved.

2.     Have each cubesat work independently, and deploy them when the customer interacts with a feature that is supposed to be emphasizing one of the technology’s unique value.

3.     Deployment can be quite simple – it can be a transaction email campaign, triggered by an action, or it can be a non-interfering pop-up experience when the user is within the app.

4.     Ask 2 questions max. First should be about interest/ personal relevance – and the second should ask them if they think the issue is now resolved.

Get the cubesat to ask each user only once – and over time as the user completes more cubesats, your data collected will provide a comprehensive picture of the user’s intention and satisfaction as well as an aggregate feedback to your messaging platform and value statements.

Learn from the ISS and send out many mini satellites to monitor specific response to get a real-time picture of your beta results and how it is matching up with the user's expectations set by your messaging strategy and platform.


THANK YOU NASA and ISS for these great photos.


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Get a pulse from your product users while they are using the product to get real-time feedback on it's value and engagement. Micro-surveys are quick hits that ask up to 3 questions per each product experience point-of-interest.

Hen House crafts the questions and identifies the appropriate timing for the questions to be presented at. 

Micro surveys assure the product expectations and take-aways are aligned.

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