Hen House supports Service Companies who target the high-tech market as their clients. Our team has established several long-term relationships with organizations who do not want to hire an internal marketing team, yet partner with us to hone their strategy and branding and deliver on programs ranging from awareness to customer engagement.

We service a variety of service companies, most can be categorized by these verticals: Venture Capital (Private Equity), Executive Recruitment, System Implementation and Event Management.


Our Programs Deliver Value According to Your Company's Performance Goals

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To simplify our engagement process, Hen House provides Standard Service Packages that has fixed costs and deliverables ready for your company to use. Click on any of the below packages to understand the value and deliverables provided.


If your company is not ready to invest into a packaged project, however you would like to receive advice from the Hen House team, you can book an online meeting through CLARITY, and receive peer-to-peer counseling for a pay-as-you go call cost.

Contact us through Clarity, a pay-per-minute call platform for you to attain immediate results.