Customer Montage Graphicls

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Customer Montage Graphicls

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Want an appealing way to display your customer base? Hen House can help you come up with a design that fits your branding and also encourages likes, shares and smiles.

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No better way to bolster your business than to acknowledge your customers. Hen House can help your company find the right graphical approach for showing this sort of love. We will design and provide a graphic that you can use on your digital platforms - which includes up to 3 different layouts/ sizes.

This package includes:

1. A creative review session - understanding your value, your customers, and the most attractive way to showcase these two important things.

2. mock-up sample designs - first round review will show you a few options on how we can show your clients in design

3. Three final designs (similar in format) that can be used on websites, social channels or email campaigns.

This package does not include:

- extensive graphic research for the campaign (we have allocated an hour for graphic collection) we prefer using images that you already have and approved.

- communications to the client. We assume that the work given to us is "ready for production"