Hen house's Motto: INcubate into something great.

Hen House centers our business around what your company must achieve. We have designed our programs, interactions, and deliverables so that our mantra -- putting your buyer first -- is apparent in everything we do.

We're different because we are very talented and experienced in marketing, and we also rely upon (and occasionally create) outstanding marketing applications that make our projects efficient and proficient. Combining the tools and the talent, packaged in a cost-controlled, transparent program has become our signature approach to business. 


Service Packages and Terms

There are 3 ways you can engage with Hen House. Choose which one fits your timeline, budget and complexity.

Custom program terms are discussed during our introduction and discovery call. All are written and agreed to before commencement. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

Packaged Services can be purchased through the website. See all packaged offerings here. Although the terms are already written, we will work together to identify the right timeline and approach to fit your needs. You can read our Service Contract online.

Immediate Advice can be attained by working with us through Clarity, where you will pay by the minute for our advice. Before the call we will request information from you so that our conversation is efficient and helpful. Book a call now through Clarity.

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Tara Spalding, President

From Tara Spalding,
president of Hen House

As companies grow, leadership needs evolve. Hiring a highly-qualified marketing executive during the early and volatile (read financially unstable) stage of a company may be too risky. Business plans are often not proven, revenue channels are not tested, and money needs to go to product development.
Hiring a marketing leader onto the team may prove difficult because the company has not uncovered who and what their business will become after the launch.
During my last decade while working at three start-ups and one re-start, while managing dozens of company and product launches, I've learned that every company's leadership team must evolve as the company develops.   
Working with a strategic marketing firm like Hen House Ventures give start-ups and service providers the opportunity to test concepts while incurring little risk.  Hen House packages marketing executive know-how within a controlled cost structure and delivers tools and insights that can be used to manage long term projects and help guide new teams.
Hen House Ventures leverages a network of marketing and sales consultants that can get a company or product quickly launched with the highest success rate. You bring us the idea, and we will incubate it into something great.
- Tara Spalding
Hen House Ventures